Paris Map

Map of Paris

Here is a map of Paris that you can use either in a static or dynamic manner:

paris map
Paris Map

This map of Paris City is a static one. If you want to use a dynamic and interactive Paris map, feel free to use the following map with zooming and moving possibilities, click on the Paris map above to get to its dynamic version below, based on Google Maps capacities.

Paris map via Google Maps

Here is a map of Paris in its dynamic form. You can use up and down arrows to zoom in and zoom out, or move in any direction through the arrondissements and streets of Paris City and its suburbs.

If you need a map of a specific Paris area, check among the links below and click on the Paris arrondissement you want to explore:
      Paris 1, Paris 2, Paris 3, Paris 4,
      Paris 5, Paris 6, Paris 7, Paris 8,
      Paris 9, Paris 10, Paris 11, Paris 12,
      Paris 13, Paris 14, Paris 15, Paris 16,
      Paris 17, Paris 18, Paris 19, Paris 20

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Paris Map