Paris Metro or Paris Subway

The Paris metro is a synonym for the Paris subway network. The « metro » word comes from the « Métropolitain » (i.e. relating to a big city). The Paris metro is a rapid transit system serving Paris and its neighboring suburbs in the Ile-de-France region.

paris metro subway

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Paris metro is mainly underground. It is 210 klometers long and has more than 310 stations. Many of its stations have been design after the Art Nouveau style.

Paris Metro has 16 lines, with numbers ranging from 1 to 14. Two lines are named 3bis and 7bis, because they were originally created as branches of lines 3 and 7.

Lines of Paris metro are easily identified by their specific number and color on maps, and directions are always indicated by the terminus.

Paris Metro is Europe’s second-busiest subway system, after that of Moscow. It carries 4.2 million passengers a day, and in 2012, it carried 1.5 billion passengers in 2012. The Paris metro is very dense with its 245 stations within Paris City boundaries of 86.9 km2.

Did you know it? Châtelet – Les Halles, a Paris centrally-located metro station, is the world’s largest subway station, with its 5 Metro lines and 3 RER lines.

Paris Metro